Therapy for Overwhelmed and Stressed out Women

Learning to Cope When Everyone Else’s Needs Comes First

From the moment you wake up, you’re stretched thin. Between newborn feedings, sick kids and nightmares, you’ve barely slept a wink.

You battle stand-still traffic and construction detours just to sit in another meeting at the office.

As soon as you leave, your role as taxi driver begins as you cart each kid to dance, karate and swim practice, being sure they never miss a single one.

The piles of laundry and dirty dishes seem to have multiplied. You find yourself adding another item to your mental to-do list. You know, the one you make at 2am; the one that never ends.

Once the kids are in bed, you finally get a moment to yourself, and it hits you. You’re so overwhelmed. The tears come pouring out and you can’t stop.

 What would my friends think of me? What would my partner say? You’ve convinced yourself this is how it has to be and that you have to do it all, for everyone, and push through for another day.

Hello! I’m Jennifer

Making the decision to seek out help is one of the hardest decisions you may need to make. I want to make finding a therapist easy.

I am here to walk with you through your journey and to support you. To let you know that you’re not alone in this world. I am also here to challenge you and to help you succeed. To make sure that you come out on the other side.

Making It Easy…

24/7 Online Scheduling

Convenient access to schedule your appointments on the go

Paperless Intakes

Paperwork is completed through a secure portal from the comfort of your home/office

Secure Messaging

Communicate with me through HIPAA compliant messaging

Online Counseling

For those who are unable to make it into the office or want additional privacy.


Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is more than just the nervous feeling you get before a test. It’s feeling out of control and not being able to slow down. Wanting to escape, yet having no idea what you’re running from.


Your new baby’s here and everything is great. What happens when it’s not? 1 in 7 moms and dads suffer from postpartum depression. Learn more about what happens during the baby blues and when it may be something more.

Transition to Motherhood

Becoming a mom brings about a whole new set of challenges. Often the hardest struggle is adjusting to your new role, when you feel like you’ve lost yourself along the way.

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