Anxiety Treatment

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is the nervous feeling we get when we meet someone new. It’s the butterflies in our stomach and sweaty palms. It’s the fear you have that you will make a mistake at your new job or as a new mom. In short, anxiety is a reaction experienced by everyone.

For some, this feeling is like no other; a feeling  so intense and debilitating. You find yourself having trouble completing everyday tasks. Getting overwhelmed just thinking about your to-do list, wondering where to start. You find yourself feeling more irritable, often snapping at others. 

It’s feeling like you’re in a deep dark hole, that you can’t climb out of.

What treatment is available for anxiety?

Counseling is a great resource for helping you to identify and manage your anxiety. Together we’ll explore ways to manage your symptoms and come up with the best treatment options for you.  

Prescription medications, prescribed by your primary care physician or a psychiatrist, can also be helpful. They will not cure your anxiety, but can help alleviate your symptoms. It is important to be open about your symptoms, as well as your medical history (including substance use issues) to ensure the right medications are prescribed to you. Some individuals find that medication is best suited for them in combination with therapy, where your symptoms can be monitored.  With your consent, I can work in conjunction with your doctor to provide medication management to ensure that you are receiving the individualized treatment you need.

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